Hi there! My name is Julia.

I am a recent graduate from Florida State University where I earned a B.S. in International Affairs with a minor in Business. Currently, I’m interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Museum and Curatorial studies.

My Story

My upbringing as a global citizen has molded me into who I am today.

I was born in Brazil, an incredibly diverse and vibrant melting pot of cultures and traditions. My own family is a reflection of that: my mother’s side is descended from northern Amazonian peoples, while my father’s is descended from Portuguese settlers. I lived in France for five years in my early childhood, where I absorbed a new culture through the lens of art galleries and history lessons. That curiosity sustains me to this day and is fed by travel and new experiences. I’m very fortunate to have visited over twenty countries so far. I’ve stargazed in Morocco, savored the unique cuisine of Turkey, and relished Croatian beaches. The summer I spent teaching English at an orphanage in Thailand inspired my life-long passion for volunteering.

I am a patchwork of my experiences and cultures, and as such, I have always been eager to learn about new heritages, customs and traditions — which has spurred my passion for preserving them. It is this rich upbringing filled with travel and immersion into different cultures that led me to pursue a career in museum studies.

One of the things I appreciate most about museums is their ability to celebrate the collective heritage of a place at the local level. That’s why I currently volunteer at Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in Fort Lauderdale. The oceanfront estate was converted into a museum to serve as a connection to the community, recounting its history through art, photography, murals and, uniquely, its picturesque gardens. In a place like Ft. Lauderdale where a lot of the coastal environment has been lost to high rises and man-made beaches, Bonnet House is like glimpsing into 1920’s South Florida. It is preservation like this that makes me so passionate about pursuing a career in museum studies.

After obtaining my Master’s in Museum Studies, I’m interested in pursuing opportunities in curating and collections management, and am especially interested in indigenous, post-impressionist, and Latin American contemporary art. I am also excited to explore opportunities at the intersection of art and law, where I could utilize both degrees to advocate for inclusion of historically underrepresented heritages in our cultural institutions.

Education & Experience


Tallahassee, FL


New York, NY


Winter 2020


Nonprofit aimed at nurturing cultural works to facilitate critical conversations of the past, present and future


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fall 2020


Estate converted museum preserving local heritage and art

Guide Volunteer

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Summer 2020


Non-profit honoring businesses committed to sustainability

Environmental Impact Intern




The best ranked family and disability law firm in Tallahassee

Paralegal Intern

Tallahassee, FL

Summer 2019


#1 middle-markets sell-side advisor to private equity

Financial Analysis Team Member

Chicago, IL


My Interests


One of my favorite things to do is travel. I have visited nearly 20 countries across 5 continents, including Argentina, Croatia, Netherlands, Mexico, and Morocco. My favorite place I’ve ever visited is Turkey. 

Not only did I appreciate learning about their culture and visiting the sites, I loved their cuisine, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best food I’ve ever had. I hope that in a post-pandemic world I can continue to travel and learn about new places and cultures.


Throughout the years, a big part of my identity has been to strive towards green living and inspiring others to do the same. In high school, I started a vegetarian lifestyle because of environmental concerns, and I try every day to avoid unnecessary wastefulness and to think green when making buying decisions. That’s also why this past summer, I interned at the SEAL Awards, which applauds companies leading in overall business sustainability and environmental initiatives. I’m passionate about promoting environmental efforts and hope that we can, as a country and a globe, start shifting the tide towards a greener planet.

Other Interests

My other interests include watching historical dramas, learning languages, hot yoga, (unsuccessfully) sewing, thrifting and overall, being a foodie. I’m also obsessed with my tuxedo cat, Malibu and my pug, Maya!

Connect With Me

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